Silver Threads

…Remembering When…

Telling Stories

Everyone tells stories.

No one is quite like you. No one else has had your experiences, loves, successes, or achievements. Your stories share what has made you unique. Your are your stories.

Your stories tell about the major transitions, profound experiences, and heart-stopping moments of your life. They also tell about the routine, day-to-day passages of life, the little things that reflect who you really are and what is really important to you.

Silver Threads helps you remember the big and the small things and bring the meaningful moments back to life.

Why tell stories?

You have your own reasons for telling your stories. Silver Threads will help you tell them the way you want them told. Your might want to:

  • leave a personal legacy
  • preserve important memories
  • make the most good out of your experiences
  • share your loves and passions
  • honor the important people in your life
  • tell the history of your family or business
  • pass on the wisdom you have learned over your lifetime
  • make the world a better place
  • discover who you really are
  • celebrate your life
  • set the record straight
  • make sense of the world
  • be nostalgic
  • bring joy to others
  • tell your stories "just because"

Don't worry if you think you have nothing to say, Silver Threads will help you remember the big and small passages of your life and bring to light the moments that are most important to you. Your entire life is filled with thousands of big and small things, and they are all filled with meaning. You'll be surprised at the number of stories you can remember.

Look at these sample stories. They show how simple memories can turn into stories.