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Told Stories

 My First Car

My father took me aside during a visit in the first term of my senior year at college and asked if I would like my graduation gift early—a car. If so, we’d take $2,000 and go car shopping when I was home at Christmastime. Would I like a car? I pretended to be humbled and overwhelmed by his generosity, but inside I was nothing but excited!

Ford had brought out the Mustang in 1964, and ever since then, cars had become sportier and more muscular. By 1967, most of my friends either drove or wanted to drive a high-performance car with a big engine and a 400-cubic-inch, V-8 roar that growled, “don’t even think about it.”

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The Pickle Lady, by Susanne M. Margin

Three times a week, wire shopping cart in tow, Mom and I set out for Avenue J. While jumping over cracks in sidewalks, skipping, or hopping on one foot, I thought of the treat I would savor at the end of the shopping trip, making the long, five-city-block trek bearable.

First came the bank with its veined marble floors inlayed with shinny geometric gold lines and tellers sitting high behind their cages, handing out money. I remember thinking I would also have marble floors like that when I grew up.

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My first car